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MEASAT Teleport and Broadcast Centre (MTBC), located just outside of Kuala Lumpur, is MEASATís primary facility housing the organization’s Corporate Office, Satellite Control Center and Customer Support Operations.

MTBC houses the primary Telemetry, Tracking and Command (TT&C) activities for the fleet of MEASAT satellites. The control centre is staffed 24 x 7 by a team of highly qualified satellite engineers. These engineers constantly monitor the health of the MEASAT satellites, and undertake regular station keeping maneuvers to ensure that the fleet retains its excellent operational track record.

To ensure full business contingency, MEASAT operates two backup satellite control centres located in Bukit Jalil and Rawang. Fully equipped, these control centres work with MTBC to provide fully redundant satellite control operations.

MTBC also houses the MEASAT Network Management Centre (NMC). The NMC is responsible for ensuring customer services are carried reliably across the MEASAT network. Using the latest monitoring equipment, the NMC provides 24 x 7 customer support by proactively monitoring the status of the satellite communications payloads and customer traffic.

In addition to providing satellite control and customer support services, MTBC also provides customer teleport facilities. With a farm of 17 antennas providing fully redundant connectivity to the MEASAT satellite network and connectivity to regional video hot-birds; redundant fiber connectivity to local, regional and global POPs; and, secure facilities for customer equipment, MTBC enables customers seamless access to the MEASAT network. More information on the services provided through MTBC can be found in Services.
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