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To ensure delivery of high quality, reliable, satellite solutions MEASAT has formed two groups to provide technical support to your organisation:

Customer Engineering Group
The MEASAT Customer Engineering Group was formed to assist new and existing customers in understanding how satellites can support their business. The group is also responsible for the development of innovative satellite network solutions that provide the most robust communications services, at the lowest cost.

The Customer Engineering Group, based in our corporate headquarters, is trained across key communications technologies. All MEASAT customers are allocated a Senior Customer Engineer to oversee their use of the MEASAT satellite network. The Engineer will undertake regular customer visits, as well as provide additional support via telephone and email.

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Network Management Centre
The MEASAT Network Management Centre (NMC) was formed to continuously monitor customer traffic carried on the MEASAT network and provide emergency customer support. Located at the MEASAT Teleport and Broadcast Centre in Cyberjaya, the MEASAT NMC operates a 24 x 7 customer hotline:

24-hr Hotline :   +60(3) 8213 2288
  :   +60(3) 2332 3838
Facsimile :   +60(3) 8213 2299
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The NMC operates a state-of-the-art Carrier Monitoring System to automatically monitor all customer traffic to ensure carriers are operating within parameters. By monitoring the performance, the NMC will be able to proactively address potential interference issues.

While all MEASAT satellites are fully coordinated with the ITU and afforded full protection against harmful interference from other satellite systems, such interference does unfortunately occasionally occur. To minimize disruption to customer traffic, the MEASAT NMC has in place full detailed processes to deal with such events seamlessly.

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