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MEASAT has invested heavily in developing a flexible solution for channels and content providers to deliver Ultra High Definition content through 91.5°E, the leading video hot slot to reach viewers in Asia Pacific, Middle East, Australia and East Africa.
What is Ultra High Definition (UHD)?
New video format with resolution of 3,840 × 2,160 (8.3 megapixels)
Four times the detail and a sharper viewing experience compared to HD
Standardized by ITU-R Recommendation BT.2020 (also known as “Rec. 2020")

Comparison of UHD, HD and SD resolutions
Key Specifications of UHD

UHD Video Resolution : 4 times the number of pixels of Full HD format (1080p)
High Dynamic Range : Improved picture quality with better contrast
Wide Colour Gamut : Improvement in colour gradation
High Frame Rate : Support up to 60 frames per second
Key Benefits of MEASAT’s UHD Video Platform
The MEASAT platform leverages on the latest compression technique to provide greater satellite efficiency using DVB-S2/S2X modulation and HEVC encoding.
The video distribution solution has been designed to offer a High Service Level Availability (SLA), including 24 x 7 monitoring and support by Network Management Centre and a redundant system to facilitate quick fault recovery.
Interoperability with existing MEASAT HD Video Platform ensures greater access to the growing number of head-end and cable operators within MEASAT’s coverage region.

UHD Channels on MEASAT-3 / 3a
AFC AFC      

To learn more about the MEASAT UHD Television Distribution Platform, please contact us at +603-8213 2188 or e-mail us at sales@measat.com

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